Organization of Healthcare Educators (OHE) is the premier healthcare education organization in the Greater Los Angeles Area

Organization of Healthcare Educators is an
affiliate of the The Association for Nursing Professional Development ANPD
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Program Dates 2018

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Competency Assessment

Donna Wright, RN,MS -
Creative Health Care Mgmt.

The Organization of Healthcare Educators (OHE) is a non-profit professional organization committed to providing leadership,professional support and development in all areas of healthcare education

We are committed to:
• Management education and leadership training.
• Training and career development.
• Continuing education and staff development.
• Patient and Community education.

Our members are leaders in healthcare education and training in the Southern California area.
OHE provides healthcare education within numerous diverse settings including acute care hospitals,
subacute and skilled nursing facilities, ambulatory care, HMOs, community and academic settings. [more]

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