The Organization of Healthcare Educators (OHE) is a non-profit professional organization committed to providing leadership, professional support and development in all areas of healthcare education

We are committed to:
. Management education and leadership training.
. Training and career development.
. Continuing education and staff development.
. Patient and Community education.

- About The O.H.E. -

Our members are leaders in healthcare education and training in the Southern California area. They provide healthcare education within numerous diverse settings including acute care hospitals, subacute and skilled nursing facilities, ambulatory care, HMOs, community and academic settings.

Our History:
OHE can proudly trace its organizational roots back almost fifty years. It has, however, undergone several name changes and mergers over the years.

The Health Care Education Council (HCEC) was formed in 1962 as the In-service and Health Education Council, a professional organization for nurse educators designed to provide state-or-the-art educational information and resources.

The Southern California Chapter of The American Society for Healthcare Educators and Training (ASHET) was founded in the spring of 1979 , nine years after the National ASHET was established. In 1985, the local name was changed to the Greater Los Angeles Chapter.

ASHET and HCEC merged their talents and resources in 1988 to better serve its members and to facilitate strategic planning for educational success in the future.

In 1998, ASHET, Greater Los Angeles Chapter changed its name to the Organization of Healthcare Educators (OHE), when the national ASHET organization dissolved in late 1997. The Organization of Healthcare Educators became officially incorporated by the State of California in early 1999.

In March, 2007, became an affiliate of National Nursing Staff Development Organization (NNSDO) ,an organization that is dedicated to advancing the specialty practice of staff development for the enhancement of quality healthcare outcomes.

Becoming an affiliate of NNSDO allows:
. Professional growth with the specialty
. Networking with people of similar interests
. Partnership with the national office and all NNSDO affiliates
. Camaraderie with others in a geographic area
. Nursing professional development through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)

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